What is a Focus Group?

Why Qualitative Research?

Quality Qualitative at Trotta!

What is a Focus Group?

A focus group is a research method similar to an interactive and lively round-table discussion. They are usually conducted with a small number of people who have similar interests. A moderator directs the discussion to explore a variety of issues related to the topic being researched. Trotta's focus groups are usually held in our Marina del Rey or Irvine facilities or sometimes in a hotel or other meeting room.

How/where do I sign up for Focus Groups?

Companies, like Trotta Associates, that specialize in focus group research maintain databases of people in their community who are interested in participating in focus groups or other marketing research studies. Once a person becomes a database member, he/she is contacted periodically and interviewed to determine whether or not he/she meets the criteria required for a particular study.

If you are interested in participating in research studies, you can give us your contact information by clicking Join our Database, so you can become a member of our database. We need this information so we can call you for appropriate studies. If you do not have children, for instance, we do not want to call you for a child's product study.

How do I know if a focus group company is legitimate?

Trotta Associates has been in business for 30 years and has conducted tens of thousands of focus groups and has over 300,000 people in our data base. We rely on you and our clients and would not do anything to jeopardize our relationship.

How much will I be paid for participating in focus groups?

We pay people any where from $50 to $200 for participating in focus groups and sharing their opinions. The amount varies depending on study topic and length of the session.

Always answer questions truthfully. To ensure that participants meet the study criteria, we routinely ask to see identification and verify the information given during the initial screening interview. If a person does not qualify to participate in the study, the focus group company and/or research sponsor are NOT obliged to compensate him/her.

How often can I participate in focus groups?

Industry guidelines dictate that consumers should participate in no more than one focus group every six months. We and other focus group companies keep track of how frequently people participate in focus groups. If asked, you should be truthful about your participation. People who abuse participation guidelines are flagged to not be used in future research.

Can I sign up my whole family to do Focus Groups?

Yes, all members of your household may participate in research. Participation is tracked by individual.

Why Qualitative Research?

The Qualitative Research Consultants Association is dedicated to advancing the education on Qualitative Methodologies. Diane Trotta, a member, would like to share some of the QRCA's information on the methodology. Follow these links to a wealth of information or call to discuss your research needs.

What is qualitative research? http://www.qrca.org/displaycommon.cfm?an=1&subarticlenbr=6

When to use qualitative research? http://www.qrca.org/displaycommon.cfm?an=1&subarticlenbr=28

Qualitative methods. http://www.qrca.org/displaycommon.cfm?an=1&subarticlenbr=29

Quality Qualitative at Trotta Associates!

Trotta Associates acts as a mirror for its clients. We capture images and perceptions in the marketplace and reflect them back to our clients. Like a well-crafted mirror, we don't distort; we don't add qualities of our own. We make sure our clients get accurate information so they feel confident making vital business decisions based on our findings. That's why we're one of the most well-respected qualitative marketing research firms in the country.


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