Imaginative, Expert Recruiting

Luxury car buyers. Pediatric rheumatologists. High income singles, newly married, and empty nesters. Internet surfers. Fitness buffs. Trotta Associates can assemble qualified groups no matter how difficult or low incidence they are. We use client - provided lists and telephone directories - and our creativity - to put together the perfect group for you.

And staff who constantly update it

Names are worthless if they're outdated or invalid. Trotta Associates has a team of full-time staff dedicated to constantly replenishing the database and keeping information current. All recruiting is done on-site to insure our client's specifications are met. We validate and re-screen respondents to guarantee their eligibility and ensure we're on target.

The largest database in Southern California

Over the last two decades we've amassed a huge pool of qualified respondents from which to draw groups. With over a whopping 400,000 names, we have the largest database in Southern California. Not to mention a lion's share of the huge medical market, including hard-to-find specialties from some of the world's most prestigious medical facilities.

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